National players try out for Team Canada

During the recent 2015 Coastal Cup Powerchair Football Tournament in Cloverdale, BC hosted by Sportability teams from across BC, Quebec and Tacoma Washington were able to compete in this event. Thank you to Sportability for providing an opportunity for the 15 players from across Canada to try out for the national team for the upcoming FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup.

Shayne DeWildt, one of the players who is trying out for Team Canada has a few words to say:   “I am excited to have the opportunity to play with the Quebec players, both in practice and in game situations. I was excited to meet the Canadian national coach and seeing what he has to offer for the next Team Canada! I am looking forward to the next opportunity in early May for the Defi Sportif tournament in Montreal and see the coach again. We’re all looking to get tuned up for the World Cup. I would like to take every chance I get to thank all the players, parents, volunteers, and sponsors across Canada for their generous support in making this sport what it is today.”

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THANK YOU to the City of Fort McMurray and their firefighters in supporting TEAM CANADA 2016!!!!!

The amazing Fort McMurray Firefighter Fundraising Committee visited the BC Powerchair Football Provinicals hosted by Sportability at the Richmond Olympic Oval on Oct 4, 2014 to present a very generous $10,000 donation to Powerchair Football Canada’s TEAM CANADA 2016.  This donation will have a huge impact on the national team by providing sport specific powerchairs to ensure Canada are contenders in the next World Cup.  These firefighters took up the challenge to play games against teams from across BC and experienced first hand the value of having equipment to level the playing field.  Thank you so much for your continued support.
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Muscular Dystrophy Canada Empowerment In Action – Powersoccer Session

A big THANK YOU goes to Muscular Dystrophy Canada for providing an opportunity to showcase powerchair football to their participants from across Canada during the Empowerment In Action conference on August 22, 2014 at Richmond Olympic Oval in BC.  This “Let’s Get Physical:  Active Living with a Disability” session introduced youths to try out playing powersoccer.  It is our hope new provinces are inspired by this rewarding sport.  Thank you to all the volunteers for your involvement in making this a successful event and to MDC for the group photo.

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In May 2014, Brazil hosted their very first tournament, Mundialito de Power Soccer, in Rio de Janerio. The participating teams included 6 teams from North and South America and Australia. Among the teams, it included veterans of international play: Canada and USA from North America and Australia from the Asia zone. From South America, newly established teams: Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. This was a qualifying tournament for teams in the Americas zone to compete to be a part of the upcoming World Cup. As of the round robin, the four teams to advance to the semi-finals were: Australia, Brazil, Canada, and USA. Australia and USA made it to the finals for the fight for 1st
place while Brazil and Canada have a match for 3rd place. In the 3rd place match, Canada was able to pull through and beat Brazil to secure 3rd place with a score of 3-2. The final match of the tournament with USA versus Australia – however, Australia was no match for USA with a score of 6-0 favoring USA. This finalizes the very first tournament hosted in South America – Canada in 3rd place, Australia in 2nd, and USA in 1st place.

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Angus Cowan Epp April 4, 1988 – January 11, 2014

It is with great sadness that we announce that we have lost a great friend and competitor,
Angus Epp on January 11, 2014.
Angus was a hard working team member of Powersoccer, who was incredibly committed
to the growth and progress of the sport at the local, Provincial, National and
International levels. He began playing Powersoccer in the late 90's for the Vancouver
team. In 2002 he and his father Gord founded the Surrey Transformers, a forceful team
at B.C. Provincials and in the lower mainland league. He later moved onto the North
Shore Eagles team. He competed in numerous tournaments and promoted the sport in
many areas in BC, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Georgia.
In 2004 Angus and his family did a road trip to Mesa, Arizona to compete at the Power
Blast Tournament. With his supportive parents Gord and Cheryl, and his Aunt Shirley
(the Scrabble Lady), Angus did a month long road trip to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006. While
in Atlanta, Angus was part of Team Canada and part of the Canadian Delegation. The
delegation helped lay the foundation for the International Rules for Powerchair Football,
and this is where Powerchair Football Canada was created. In 2007 Angus travelled to
Japan as part of the Canadian Delegation for the first Powerchair Football World Cup.
The progression of his condition, did not hold him back in participating in the sport he
loved. He continued to compete in BC Provincials, the America Champions Cup 2010,
annual BC Storm tournaments in Penticton, and last year he had the opportunity to play
amongst teams from Japan and Quebec at the 2013 Coastal Cup.
He will be remembered by our community as a kind, caring, and talented individual. Rest
in Peace Angus, you will be remembered by many.

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The amazing Fort McMurray Firefighters held a Rooftop Camp Out in April 2013 to help fundraise for local charities and Powerchair Football Canada (PFC).   PFC is a member of the Federation International of Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA).  FIPFA is an international federation working to develop Powerchair football, a version of soccer played by disabled athletes using power wheelchairs.  Powerchair football is played at the local, provincial, national and international level.   During the recent Coastal Cup Powerchair Football Tournament held in Richmond BC, the Fort McMurray firefighters presented a generous donation of $20,000 that will help PFC purchase sports powerchairs that have been specifically designed for powerchair football.  These high performance powerchairs will be provided to members of Canada’s National team and will level the playing field for the athletes, making Team Canada a contender in the Powerchair Football World Cup 2015.

A big THANK YOU goes to the Fort McMurray Firefighters!!!
Thank you

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August 18,1990- February 12,2013

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Stratton Whitaker.

Stratton was a competitive dependable player for the Vancouver Lightning/ Thunder Powerchair Football Team since 2000. He was part of teams that succeeded as Provincial and National Champions. Stratton was also a member of Team Canada 2011 that competed at the Powerchair Football World Cup in Paris, France. During his time playing Powerchair Football, Stratton travelled to Mesa, Arizona, San Jose, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Montreal, Quebec, Seattle, Washington, Calgary, Alberta and his native province, British Columbia. During his first travel to Mesa Stratton received his first Red Card, this matched his hair. Stratton and his witty sense of humour will be missed by all who knew him. Our prayers and thoughts are with the Whitaker Family.

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Calgary Demo

PFC’s Adam Aziz, Jordan Marks and Marc Saunier had a blast last weekend demonstrating our sport to youth from across the country at MDC’s Play On event in Calgary!

FootguardAdam talking to new players

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PFC Thank You Letter

Team Canada thanks their supporters.
PFC Thank You Letter

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World Cup Results

October 2nd: Opening Ceremony and France 2 – 0 Belgium
Canada was able to watch a game between France and Belgium, of whom they would be playing 2 days later.

October 3rd: Canada 3 – 0 Ireland Canada 1 – 0 Australia
On the 2nd day of the world cup Canada played their first world cup game against Ireland, taking control of the game and winning 3 – 0. The game against Australia was a lot closer and much more exciting, in the end, Canada was able to score a goal and win.

October 4th: Canada 0 – 3 France Canada 0 – 3 Belgium
Canada held off France for 18 minutes before a goal was scored, quite impressive for a team like France. Canada was expecting to do better against Belgium, but they turned out to be a very skilled team.

October 6th: For 5th place Canada 0 – 5 Japan
Team Canada thought they had a good chance of winning against Japan, but they turned out to be a lot like France and Belgium.

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