How to Start a Team

Powersoccer is soccer played by individuals who use powerchairs.  The sport is played in an indoor gym with an attached customized footguard used to “kick” the soccer ball.  It is a regulated and safe sport that is played both recreationally and competitively.  Players are given the opportunity to participate in a team sport regardless of their ability. Powersoccer allows players to gain self-confidence, independence, learn about teamwork, develop leadership, master a new skill, experience the sport environment, become part of a support community, build friendships and most of all have fun.  We encourage everyone to check out this exciting and rewarding sport.

Currently in Canada, there are teams in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.  For the sport to be recognized as a national sport it needs to continue locally and to be played in additional provinces.  We are working hard to expand the sport to other provinces across Canada.  Our ultimate goal is to eventually have the sport introduced as an official Paralympic sport.

Here are a few steps you may want to take in starting up your NEW Powersoccer team:

  • Find out if there are any local groups or organizations that want to help you, such as schools, community centres, etc.

  • Approach disability related organizations for support, funding and help in recruiting players.  Organizations such as  Wheelchair Sporting Organizations, Cerebral Palsy Sports, Child Development Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Muscular Dystrophy Canada  and health professionals such as occupational and recreational therapists.

  • Contact soccer affiliated associations for support.

  • Locate volunteers to help with coaching, officiating, equipment and managing.  College/ University students are a great resource who need volunteer hours.

  • Secure availability to a gym,  eg:  schools, community centre, church

  • Purchase regulated equipment.  This can have an affect on the players’ ability and qualifications for tournament participation, see links below.

  • Check the links below for our National website and for more info on rules, drills, equipment, etc.

  • Keep in touch with Powerchair Football Canada for updates and opportunities for coaching, refereeing, development and tournaments.

It is important to remember that this may take some time to organize, but it will be worth all the hard work in the long run.    GOOD LUCK !!!!!

Important Links National Powerchair Football organization National Soccer org – LTPD guide for players with disabilities International organization (Laws of the game,           drills, etc.) BC Provincial Sporting Organization Quebec Provincial Sporting Organization Canadian source for powersoccer balls only (Burnaby, BC) Experienced business to purchase equipment

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