Angus Cowan Epp April 4, 1988 – January 11, 2014

It is with great sadness that we announce that we have lost a great friend and competitor,
Angus Epp on January 11, 2014.
Angus was a hard working team member of Powersoccer, who was incredibly committed
to the growth and progress of the sport at the local, Provincial, National and
International levels. He began playing Powersoccer in the late 90's for the Vancouver
team. In 2002 he and his father Gord founded the Surrey Transformers, a forceful team
at B.C. Provincials and in the lower mainland league. He later moved onto the North
Shore Eagles team. He competed in numerous tournaments and promoted the sport in
many areas in BC, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Georgia.
In 2004 Angus and his family did a road trip to Mesa, Arizona to compete at the Power
Blast Tournament. With his supportive parents Gord and Cheryl, and his Aunt Shirley
(the Scrabble Lady), Angus did a month long road trip to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006. While
in Atlanta, Angus was part of Team Canada and part of the Canadian Delegation. The
delegation helped lay the foundation for the International Rules for Powerchair Football,
and this is where Powerchair Football Canada was created. In 2007 Angus travelled to
Japan as part of the Canadian Delegation for the first Powerchair Football World Cup.
The progression of his condition, did not hold him back in participating in the sport he
loved. He continued to compete in BC Provincials, the America Champions Cup 2010,
annual BC Storm tournaments in Penticton, and last year he had the opportunity to play
amongst teams from Japan and Quebec at the 2013 Coastal Cup.
He will be remembered by our community as a kind, caring, and talented individual. Rest
in Peace Angus, you will be remembered by many.

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