2017 TEAM CANADA News Press Release Announcement

PFC has announced the players making up Team Canada that will be representing Canada at the 2017 FIPFA World Cup. These individuals are:

Ana Lu, British Columbia
Dale McLeod, British Columbia
Diane Lu, British Columbia
Ian Wright, British Columbia
Jean Philippe Bureau, Quebec
Lareina Yung, British Columbia
Matthieu Des Roches, Quebec
Vanessa Chen, British Columbia
Caroline Seguin, Quebec (Alternate)
Emilie St-Denis Laroche, Quebec (Alternate)
Josh Taylor, Alberta (Alternate)
Patrick Des Groseillers, Quebec (Alternate)
Lianna Yung, British Columbia (Coach)
Pierre Seguin, Quebec (Coach)

Team Canada has created a Gofundme account for those interested in helping the players reach their fundraising goal and help send the team to the World Cup!! Please help us by liking and sharing this post!!



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