2016 Defi Sportif Powerchair Football Tournament

by Jean-Philippe Bureau

I participated in the Défi Sportif 2016 in Montreal as a player of Team Québec. This year, there were teams from BC, Vermont, Brazil and Uruguay. It is to be part of such tournaments that we practice and train hard every week. It’s always nice to see the players from the other teams that you had a chance to meet before and see this friendship grow with time. The players from Canada, we meet twice a year: at Défi Sportif and at Coastal Cup. Since I was sick and missed the last competition in BC, I was really happy to see my friends from team BC, top sports people. Familiar faces also from Vermont who always show great sportsmanship. Despite the language issue, I made sure to make new friends from Brazil and Uruguay, exchanging t-shirts and I still follow them on Facebook. The songs and encouragements of their supporters created a joyful and festive atmosphere all along the tournament. In the end, my team didn’t win any medal, but we had the chance to practice all together, some players from Team Quebec and Team BC, to try to make Team Canada. It was a good experience to learn from these more experienced players and to get to know Lianna, Head Coach of future Team Canada.

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