Help Send Powerchair Football Canada’s Team Canada to 2017 World Cup!!!

From July 3rd until July 10th 2017, Canada’s National Powerchair Football team will be in Kissimmee, Florida competing at the 2017 FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup.  The World Cup takes place every 4-6 years and at the most recent event (2011 World Cup in Paris, France) Canada finished 6th overall. Due to no government funding,  Team Canada has had to rely on sponsorships and donations.  We need your help!Sending a national team to the World Cup is an exciting but expensive opportunity.
Team costs include:
*Tournament registration (which generally includes food, lodging and ground transportation)
*Flights for team members, their personal care aides (as players require help to undertake day to day activities), coaches and team staff,
*Travel, medical and sport insurance,
*Medical equipment (hospital bed and hoyer lift rentals),
*Team Canada uniforms and sports equipment,
*Administration costs prior to and at the tournament.With your help we know we can fuel a team and give players the opportunity of a lifetime.
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