John Nyce 1961 – 2016

Vancouver Lightning Team

33 Years’ of Powerchair Football History!

In memory of Canada’s oldest Powerchair Football athlete, John Nyce 1961 – 2016.        Here he is in an historical photo back in 1983, on the far right, playing “Motorsoccer”, a precursor to “Powersoccer”, which of course helped develop the present-day much loved sport of Powerchair Football.

John loved his sport and was a very dedicated athlete who only ever missed a practice if his health or resources interfered with his heart’s delight!  He enjoyed the camaraderie with other athletes and had a good chuckle watching the enthusiasm of his younger teammates, as young as age 4, show the world what to do when life gives you a disability – use it to score goals!  Over the years John participated in numerous tournaments, starting with the 1983 BC Disability Games and more recently in Penticton, Kamloops and Surrey.

Thank you, John, for your example of living up to the “Soccer for Life” long-term athlete development model.

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