Alberta Power Soccer and Boccia Summit

This past August 2015 Ken Cunningham Technical Director for Power Football Canada, and
Cathy Cunningham member of Sportability BC Power Soccer Sporting Committee, had the
opportunity to attend a three day power soccer /boccia summit in Edmonton Alberta. They
worked with new power soccer players, coaches and officials. They provided sessions on
getting a team started, running practices, setting up tournaments, equipment advances and officiating. The three days of classroom sessions were followed by a weekend power soccer tournament. Teams were formed by mixing up the new players with our more seasoned players from B.C. BC players acted as mentors and coaches on the court for the new players. They gave encouragement and directions to help the new players understand the game better. It was exciting to see the Alberta players improve tremendously over the course of the two days. Some Alberta players have now ordered Strike Force chairs and are committed to the sport.

Eight players attended from BC: Daniel Cunningham, Shayne DeWildt, Ian Wright, Harry Hutton, Nick Kroft, Joey Christiansen, and Ana and Diane Lu. There were 8 – 10 Alberta players taking part over the course of the summit. The summit offered plenty of time to discuss current issues such as classification, fundraising, yearly competitions, PFC, FIPFA, and equipment. One highlight of the summit was the athlete panel where athletes from both power soccer and boccia were able to talk about their sport. There was also the social aspect of the five-day event, including lunches and dinner where all players and volunteers had a chance to share their experiences.

The summit was a great experience, and we were glad that our B.C. players and volunteers were able to attend and promote the sport in Alberta. We are looking forward to seeing many Alberta players at upcoming tournaments. A special thanks goes out to
Margaret Conquest and Casey Nielsen, from Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports Association, who organized and funded the Summit and Sportability BC who supported this event.

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