National players try out for Team Canada

During the recent 2015 Coastal Cup Powerchair Football Tournament in Cloverdale, BC hosted by Sportability teams from across BC, Quebec and Tacoma Washington were able to compete in this event. Thank you to Sportability for providing an opportunity for the 15 players from across Canada to try out for the national team for the upcoming FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup.

Shayne DeWildt, one of the players who is trying out for Team Canada has a few words to say:   “I am excited to have the opportunity to play with the Quebec players, both in practice and in game situations. I was excited to meet the Canadian national coach and seeing what he has to offer for the next Team Canada! I am looking forward to the next opportunity in early May for the Defi Sportif tournament in Montreal and see the coach again. We’re all looking to get tuned up for the World Cup. I would like to take every chance I get to thank all the players, parents, volunteers, and sponsors across Canada for their generous support in making this sport what it is today.”

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