World Cup Results

October 2nd: Opening Ceremony and France 2 – 0 Belgium
Canada was able to watch a game between France and Belgium, of whom they would be playing 2 days later.

October 3rd: Canada 3 – 0 Ireland Canada 1 – 0 Australia
On the 2nd day of the world cup Canada played their first world cup game against Ireland, taking control of the game and winning 3 – 0. The game against Australia was a lot closer and much more exciting, in the end, Canada was able to score a goal and win.

October 4th: Canada 0 – 3 France Canada 0 – 3 Belgium
Canada held off France for 18 minutes before a goal was scored, quite impressive for a team like France. Canada was expecting to do better against Belgium, but they turned out to be a very skilled team.

October 6th: For 5th place Canada 0 – 5 Japan
Team Canada thought they had a good chance of winning against Japan, but they turned out to be a lot like France and Belgium.

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