Powerchair Football Canada

Powerchair Football (or Power Soccer) is a fast paced, competitive sport for persons with disabilities of all ages who use electric wheelchairs. Our sport has been played since the early 80′s and is currently being played here in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. The sport previously had many different forms played all over the world, but recently countries met with the objective of developing an international set of rules. These new rules were modeled after the French and English style of play, which is more open and requires more passing. Players use powerchairs equipped with footguards to pass, shoot and carry the ball with the objective of scoring the most goals. The sport is played in a gymnasium. Each team is allowed 4 players on the court at one time including the goalkeeper.

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2017 TEAM CANADA News Press Release Announcement

PFC has announced the players making up Team Canada that will be representing Canada at the 2017 FIPFA World Cup. These individuals are:

Ana Lu, British Columbia
Dale McLeod, British Columbia
Diane Lu, British Columbia
Ian Wright, British Columbia
Jean Philippe Bureau, Quebec
Lareina Yung, British Columbia
Matthieu Des Roches, Quebec
Vanessa Chen, British Columbia
Caroline Seguin, Quebec (Alternate)
Emilie St-Denis Laroche, Quebec (Alternate)
Josh Taylor, Alberta (Alternate)
Patrick Des Groseillers, Quebec (Alternate)
Lianna Yung, British Columbia (Coach)
Pierre Seguin, Quebec (Coach)

Team Canada has created a Gofundme account for those interested in helping the players reach their fundraising goal and help send the team to the World Cup!! Please help us by liking and sharing this post!!



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2016 Defi Sportif Powerchair Football Tournament

by Jean-Philippe Bureau

I participated in the Défi Sportif 2016 in Montreal as a player of Team Québec. This year, there were teams from BC, Vermont, Brazil and Uruguay. It is to be part of such tournaments that we practice and train hard every week. It’s always nice to see the players from the other teams that you had a chance to meet before and see this friendship grow with time. The players from Canada, we meet twice a year: at Défi Sportif and at Coastal Cup. Since I was sick and missed the last competition in BC, I was really happy to see my friends from team BC, top sports people. Familiar faces also from Vermont who always show great sportsmanship. Despite the language issue, I made sure to make new friends from Brazil and Uruguay, exchanging t-shirts and I still follow them on Facebook. The songs and encouragements of their supporters created a joyful and festive atmosphere all along the tournament. In the end, my team didn’t win any medal, but we had the chance to practice all together, some players from Team Quebec and Team BC, to try to make Team Canada. It was a good experience to learn from these more experienced players and to get to know Lianna, Head Coach of future Team Canada.

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Help Send Powerchair Football Canada’s Team Canada to 2017 World Cup!!!

From July 3rd until July 10th 2017, Canada’s National Powerchair Football team will be in Kissimmee, Florida competing at the 2017 FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup.  The World Cup takes place every 4-6 years and at the most recent event (2011 World Cup in Paris, France) Canada finished 6th overall. Due to no government funding,  Team Canada has had to rely on sponsorships and donations.  We need your help!Sending a national team to the World Cup is an exciting but expensive opportunity.
Team costs include:
*Tournament registration (which generally includes food, lodging and ground transportation)
*Flights for team members, their personal care aides (as players require help to undertake day to day activities), coaches and team staff,
*Travel, medical and sport insurance,
*Medical equipment (hospital bed and hoyer lift rentals),
*Team Canada uniforms and sports equipment,
*Administration costs prior to and at the tournament.With your help we know we can fuel a team and give players the opportunity of a lifetime.
Please help us spread our campaign all across Canada by Donating, Liking and Sharing the below link:
Please LIKE us on Facebook:   Powerchair Football Canada
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John Nyce 1961 – 2016

Vancouver Lightning Team

33 Years’ of Powerchair Football History!

In memory of Canada’s oldest Powerchair Football athlete, John Nyce 1961 – 2016.        Here he is in an historical photo back in 1983, on the far right, playing “Motorsoccer”, a precursor to “Powersoccer”, which of course helped develop the present-day much loved sport of Powerchair Football.

John loved his sport and was a very dedicated athlete who only ever missed a practice if his health or resources interfered with his heart’s delight!  He enjoyed the camaraderie with other athletes and had a good chuckle watching the enthusiasm of his younger teammates, as young as age 4, show the world what to do when life gives you a disability – use it to score goals!  Over the years John participated in numerous tournaments, starting with the 1983 BC Disability Games and more recently in Penticton, Kamloops and Surrey.

Thank you, John, for your example of living up to the “Soccer for Life” long-term athlete development model.

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Alberta Power Soccer and Boccia Summit

This past August 2015 Ken Cunningham Technical Director for Power Football Canada, and
Cathy Cunningham member of Sportability BC Power Soccer Sporting Committee, had the
opportunity to attend a three day power soccer /boccia summit in Edmonton Alberta. They
worked with new power soccer players, coaches and officials. They provided sessions on
getting a team started, running practices, setting up tournaments, equipment advances and officiating. The three days of classroom sessions were followed by a weekend power soccer tournament. Teams were formed by mixing up the new players with our more seasoned players from B.C. BC players acted as mentors and coaches on the court for the new players. They gave encouragement and directions to help the new players understand the game better. It was exciting to see the Alberta players improve tremendously over the course of the two days. Some Alberta players have now ordered Strike Force chairs and are committed to the sport.

Eight players attended from BC: Daniel Cunningham, Shayne DeWildt, Ian Wright, Harry Hutton, Nick Kroft, Joey Christiansen, and Ana and Diane Lu. There were 8 – 10 Alberta players taking part over the course of the summit. The summit offered plenty of time to discuss current issues such as classification, fundraising, yearly competitions, PFC, FIPFA, and equipment. One highlight of the summit was the athlete panel where athletes from both power soccer and boccia were able to talk about their sport. There was also the social aspect of the five-day event, including lunches and dinner where all players and volunteers had a chance to share their experiences.

The summit was a great experience, and we were glad that our B.C. players and volunteers were able to attend and promote the sport in Alberta. We are looking forward to seeing many Alberta players at upcoming tournaments. A special thanks goes out to
Margaret Conquest and Casey Nielsen, from Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports Association, who organized and funded the Summit and Sportability BC who supported this event.

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Introducing Team Canada 2015 Powerchair Football

Powerchair Football players from across Canada participated in Defi Sportif in Montreal Quebec to continue their national training camp.

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National players try out for Team Canada

During the recent 2015 Coastal Cup Powerchair Football Tournament in Cloverdale, BC hosted by Sportability teams from across BC, Quebec and Tacoma Washington were able to compete in this event. Thank you to Sportability for providing an opportunity for the 15 players from across Canada to try out for the national team for the upcoming FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup.

Shayne DeWildt, one of the players who is trying out for Team Canada has a few words to say:   “I am excited to have the opportunity to play with the Quebec players, both in practice and in game situations. I was excited to meet the Canadian national coach and seeing what he has to offer for the next Team Canada! I am looking forward to the next opportunity in early May for the Defi Sportif tournament in Montreal and see the coach again. We’re all looking to get tuned up for the World Cup. I would like to take every chance I get to thank all the players, parents, volunteers, and sponsors across Canada for their generous support in making this sport what it is today.”

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THANK YOU to the City of Fort McMurray and their firefighters in supporting TEAM CANADA 2016!!!!!

The amazing Fort McMurray Firefighter Fundraising Committee visited the BC Powerchair Football Provinicals hosted by Sportability at the Richmond Olympic Oval on Oct 4, 2014 to present a very generous $10,000 donation to Powerchair Football Canada’s TEAM CANADA 2016.  This donation will have a huge impact on the national team by providing sport specific powerchairs to ensure Canada are contenders in the next World Cup.  These firefighters took up the challenge to play games against teams from across BC and experienced first hand the value of having equipment to level the playing field.  Thank you so much for your continued support.
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Muscular Dystrophy Canada Empowerment In Action – Powersoccer Session

A big THANK YOU goes to Muscular Dystrophy Canada for providing an opportunity to showcase powerchair football to their participants from across Canada during the Empowerment In Action conference on August 22, 2014 at Richmond Olympic Oval in BC.  This “Let’s Get Physical:  Active Living with a Disability” session introduced youths to try out playing powersoccer.  It is our hope new provinces are inspired by this rewarding sport.  Thank you to all the volunteers for your involvement in making this a successful event and to MDC for the group photo.

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In May 2014, Brazil hosted their very first tournament, Mundialito de Power Soccer, in Rio de Janerio. The participating teams included 6 teams from North and South America and Australia. Among the teams, it included veterans of international play: Canada and USA from North America and Australia from the Asia zone. From South America, newly established teams: Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. This was a qualifying tournament for teams in the Americas zone to compete to be a part of the upcoming World Cup. As of the round robin, the four teams to advance to the semi-finals were: Australia, Brazil, Canada, and USA. Australia and USA made it to the finals for the fight for 1st
place while Brazil and Canada have a match for 3rd place. In the 3rd place match, Canada was able to pull through and beat Brazil to secure 3rd place with a score of 3-2. The final match of the tournament with USA versus Australia – however, Australia was no match for USA with a score of 6-0 favoring USA. This finalizes the very first tournament hosted in South America – Canada in 3rd place, Australia in 2nd, and USA in 1st place.

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